Make Profit For Us (The Inburgering Song)

Posted on Apr 1, 2019

Welcome to the Netherlands! It might seem a little overwhelming, a whole different culture with it’s own history and customs, but really – we can catch you up in just over 3 minutes. Enjoy!

(This was originally written to sing along “King Herod’s Song” from the hit musical “Jesus Christ Superstar”. But if you’d like to compose an alternative song, please feel free to use these lyrics. We’d love to hear your creation though!)

Make Profit For Us
(The Inburgeringssong)


We are overjoyed
To meet you face to face
You have come to – might we say?
Quite an awesome place
Great explorers
By bicycle and bus
For money won’t buy happiness
Except if you are us

Cause, we are the Dutch
We’re the hard working Dutch
Think that taxes are a bore?
That’s why we’re rich
And you are poor
We are a small land
But united we stand
If there’s profit for us

We ruled our colonies
And took the world by sea
Got rich while others
Picked our opium and tea
No-one back then
Would call that slavery
They loved their song
They loved their dance
They loved to work for free

Cause, we are the Dutch
We’re the down to earth Dutch
Please be normal for our sake
It’s all the crazy we can take
Don’t be like yourselves
Be like everyone else
And make profit for us

Who were the masters
Of the Golden Age in art?
Who made Vermeer the rage
And Rembrandt dress so smart?
Oh don’t you bother
With all this “feeling” stuff
We like you as an artist
When your work sells well enough

Cause we are the Dutch
We’re the art loving Dutch
Cut your ear right off your head
You’ll make more money when you’re dead
Why do you look so pale?
Look at this fun for sale
Where is our profit for us?

Don’t you say we’re passé
That we’re not in the game

We were kings
We ruled it all
We made the world our shopping mall

Now is our time
Sit front row for a dime
And make profit for –
Make all the money for –
Make all this profit for us!


2018 – by Olga Ponjee, Arnout Brokking
& Camilla Maltas